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KB Dental, a company that brightens and enlightens the world


A company that puts health and beauty first

Thank you to all of you who visited KB Dental homepage. All employees are doing their best for the most prominent products.

KB Dental Co., Ltd. will maintain and treat oral health to create a foundation for a healthy life and become a company that delights customers.

KB Dental Co., Ltd. was found in 2009 as an oral product manufacturing company, creating a new and convenient oral hygiene culture through endless efforts and innovations, and continuously researching and developing to improve the quality of life from oral health. We will advance to a global brand that all customers are satisfied with.

We will become a global company with customers by providing the best quality and value as a leader in the field of oral hygiene products that all of our customers are satisfied with.

KB Dental Co., Ltd. will strive to be a growing company with customers who always listen to the voice of customers and communicate with them in order to make better products through continuous R & D and become the cornerstone of personal hygiene health and to reciprocate customer care and love.

Thank you.

KB Dental Co., Ltd. CEO Yang Young-seok