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Major Bussiness

Interdental brush


High-strength stainless wire - When used as a high-strength stainless steel wire (T/S 1000 or higher), it is hard and has excellent elasticity, making it resistant.

High-elasticity DuPont hair - High-elasticity DuPont hair-Using DuPont's filament nylon, it has excellent resilience and fantastic cleaning power.



Hyosung yarn for dental floss - Dental floss yarn is made of Hyosung and Samyang yarns without any irritation to the gums. It is well released when used and is effective in absorbing foreign substances.

Wax coating technology - Floss yarn wax coating technology is developed to maintain hygiene and moistness as no residual amount remains after coating.



Toothbrush head - Effectively remove plaque when brushing two teeth.

Dual fine bristles - The bristles are regular bristles, and the upper part is super fine and the lower part is made of a double structure, making it efficient for removing plaque and plaque between teeth and gums.

Tongue cleaner


Round double-blade - The tongue-wipe scratching surface is made of a round double-blade, which is effective in removing tongue deposits and has no irritation to the surface at a smooth angle.