Production process

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Interdental brush

Production facilities

The entire process is made of an automated system, and a certain amount of Dupont tynex wire is inserted between stainless wires of high-strength tension, twisted and cut variously by size, and then produced through a hygienic production process that cuts a certain amount of wire length.

Production process

Production plant

Step 1 - Brush manufacturing

Using the raw materials passed through the import inspection, the wire is processed according to the process chart and the brush is manufactured.

Step 2 - Washing/Inspection

The finished brush is cleaned and inspected through a total inspection.

Step 3 - Injection molding

Heat the raw material to plasticize it, then hydraulically shoot the molten resin into the mold to make an interdental brush handle.

Step 4 - Assemble the cap

Install the cap on the injection molded handle.

Step 5 - Inspection/Packing

Performs a complete inspection of the appearance of the finished interdental brush, and performs packaging work on the passed products according to the packaging procedure.